11. August 2022

Extensive information and intensive exchange on the topic of prefabricated building construction

On 6/7 September 2022, the modularesBUILDING 2022 congress fair will take place in Aachen. The high-quality programme addresses all aspects that are currently relevant for prefabricated building construction. In addition, it also offers direct contact with the key players in the industry.

Prefabricatd building construction is increasingly becoming the focus of public interest. Two events illustrate this in an exemplary way.

At the end of December 2021, the so-called Luisenblock West was completed in Berlin’s parliamentary quarter. The user is the German Bundestag, which houses parliamentary offices here. The construction time of the seven-storey building, which consists almost entirely of prefabricated wooden modules, was less than 15 months.

The second event comes from politics: At the beginning of 2022, Federal Minister of Construction Klara Geywitz (SPD) made a strong case for production according to the modular principle in an interview in which she was asked how the federal government intends to achieve its goal of 400,000 new flats per year. Quote: “This takes the pressure off the construction process, makes it faster and also avoids a lot of construction noise and long construction times in inner cities.”

In fact, there is a growing realisation that with the rapidly increasing demand for affordable housing, buildings for public facilities and commercial buildings, serial construction methods or prefabricated buildings are gaining in importance. Their advantages: The high degree of industrial prefabrication enables short construction times and optimal cost control with consistently high quality. Thanks to detailed material calculations and efficient use of materials, prefabricated building construction is also characterised by significantly lower resource consumption than conventional construction.

Industrial production enables complete documentation of the life cycle assessment. At the end of the life cycle, the individual modules can usually be easily picked up, separated by type and almost completely recycled. New digital tools open up further potential.

The modularesBUILDING 2022 congress fair is an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with experts and meet leading companies in the sector. It is aimed at architects and planners as well as construction companies and scientists from the relevant disciplines. Impulse and expert presentations are planned on the following focal points: modular solutions, prefabrication, automation, BIM and sustainability.

The complete programme with additional information is available on the website modularesbauen2022.de. Online registration is also possible there.



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