1. December 2020

As the newest member, CBI welcomes Echterhoff to the RWTH Aachen Campus. Thank you very much for joining the community and for the trust you have placed in us! The CBI is pleased to welcome a 150 year old construction company operating throughout Germany.

For more than five generations, the family-owned company, with its more than 450 employees at eight different locations, has been building according to the principle of “tradition, progress and employee partnership.”

Echterhoff offers a remarkably diverse range of services. These include engineering, bridge and tower construction, such as roads and tunnels in open cut, pumping stations and sewage treatment plants, weir and flood protection systems, and concrete buildings. In addition to conventional concrete towers, Echterhoff provides prestressed concrete towers in hybrid construction with wind turbines up to 150 m high. The various services include industrial building and turnkey construction, sewer and pipeline construction, special civil engineering, pipe distribution and gallery construction, steel construction and repair of construction machinery, and various project developments.

The central aspect of Echterhoff is the quality assurance of the various structures and is therefore a member of multiple organizations for monitoring and certification. The central aspect of Echterhoff is quality assurance, innovation, and cooperation in partnership.

We are looking forward to the cooperation with Echterhoff – “built on partnership”!