12. June 2020

After the corona pandemic in Germany has flattened out and meetings are possible via defined hygiene and distance measures, the CBI was able to hold the consortium meeting on the topic of industrial segmented construction and façade on Wednesday, 10 June 2020. On the invitation of the company nesseler grünzig, the meeting took place in the precast plant to get new impulses in the context of two factory tours. The members bft Cognos, CONTAINERWERK, DIAMANT, FILIGRAN, HALFEN, nesseler, solidian, and WIEGEL were designated as partners to discuss possible joint consortium projects in the CBI. From the scientific side, the Institute of Structural Concrete was represented.

In the meeting room, all individual seats were distributed at a distance of 2 m from each other, so that the mouth and nose protection could be taken off within the meeting.

Already since the beginning of the CBI the topic of industrial segmented construction, especially driven by the company HALFEN, was a question of great interest. By the accession of nesseler, one of the decisive expertise is represented. As concrete topics from the meeting the topics concrete sandwich facade and connection and fastening techniques were derived as possible consortium projects.

Besides, workshops on the topics of hybrid buildings and additive manufacturing are to be held in the foreseeable future to further discuss and pursue these topics.

At this point, we would like to thank the company nesseler for the secure realization of the meeting and the successful organization and the whole consortium for their constructive participation.