24. February 2021

On 23.02.2021, an online workshop on the topic of hybrid constructions was held for all interested members in the CBI. Representatives of the companies ALHO, ALGECO, Bft Cognos, CONTAINERWERK, ELA Container, HALFEN, HOCHTIEF, KLEUSBERG, nesseler and SEH Engineering participated.

After a brief welcome and introduction to the topic of hybrid construction by CBI Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Carl Richter, keynote speeches by the three institutes followed: Institute for Building Materials Research (ibac), Institute for Solid Construction (IMB) and Institute for Steel Construction (STB). This provided exciting insights into the current state of research as well as into novel combinations in hybrid construction.

Due to changed and diverse requirements on multi-storey buildings, it is necessary to research new construction methods. In this context, hybrid constructions represent an innovative solution due to the effective use of different building materials. However, the introduction of new hybrid constructions has so far proved to be a complex challenge with regard to various criteria, which is why solutions to the problems are to be developed at the CBI together with the participants.

Based on the impulses, a short introduction of each member and the common exchange, common interests and fields of action could be identified, which will be further elaborated in the next meetings.

The CBI is looking forward to further cooperation and thanks all members and the involved institutes for their participation and the successful outcome of the online workshop!