17. June 2020

The presentation series “CBI presents” would like to introduce the project “Sustainability in module construction”.

The construction industry is a decisive factor influencing the economy, society and the environment. Sustainable development in the construction sector is therefore a relevant issue. With the ever-increasing importance of modular construction, sustainable development is also particularly important here. The consortium project aims to transfer the existing certification systems to module construction.

In the field of sustainable construction, there are a large number of guidelines, recommendations for action and standards that serve to create a sustainable building. For this reason, the first phase of the project was devoted to the current techniques and research for the sustainability assessment of buildings. Within the scope of this review, the various activities, systems, guidelines, and standards were analyzed and the possible fields of application-defined in consultation with our consortium partners.

In the second phase, the various building products and construction types that are of particular importance to the consortium partners were investigated concerning their influence on their sustainability performance in the building context.

Life cycle assessment has become an integral part of the sustainability assessment of buildings. In the future, current developments in the areas of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), CO2 Footprint, and Circular Economy will be compiled at the European and national levels. Besides, a workshop with the DGNB on the subject is planned.

The CBI thanks the companies for their constructive participation in this project.